Moon Princess Free

There are many different reasons as to why Moon Princess stands out among many other casino games online. Not only has it been on the market for quite a few years, but its gameplay and output keep players coming back around time and time again.

Its features are welcoming for experienced and novice players alike, and the rules aren’t too hard to follow. The game doesn’t require an immense amount of personal information to get started, and you can easily hop in for free and start betting within minutes.

The Benefits of Free Gameplay

To clarify further, the only investment you have to worry about is the bets you place. Which, by the way, comes in at a low requirement of $0.20 per bet. The Moon Princess game as a whole is free to play, and you can even give their free demo a shot before betting with any real money. This alone is all the reason you need to get started, and once you dive in, you can take advantage of the following features.

  • Numerous ways to get free spins
  • Chances for stacking multipliers
  • Potential for a variety of winning combinations in a 5×5 grid
  • The Moon wild icon
  • Max bets of up to $100

These features only scratch the surface of what’s possible in Moon Princess, and it doesn’t take long for players to land their first win.

Using the Game’s Feature to Your Advantage

Although Moon Princess is stacked with all kinds of features that can lead to more wins, there are a few crucial aspects you’ll want to know about before getting started. This pertains to the Girl Power bonus and features like the Princess Trinity and how to get free spins.

Girl Power Bonus

During gameplay, you’ll notice three different princesses off to the side. For every non-winning spin, there’s a chance that you’ll activate one of the Girl Power features in the game. This can either replace a set of symbols with another, make two wilds appear on screen, or destroy two sets of symbols and replace them with new ones.

Princess Trinity

When you fill-up the meter on the screen, this feature will provide a free spin before your multiplier is reset by the game.

Earning Free Spings

In the event that you clear the entire grid, the game will give you the option of four, five, or eight free spins.

Why Moon Princess Online is one of the Best Casino Games

You won’t have to stress about losing too much when it comes to the Moon Princess casino game. It offers efficient gameplay that’s quick and keeps you engaged with every spin without having to fear significant losses.

Betting requirements are low, and the game is available for desktop and mobile devices. Moon Princess does a good job of keeping players interested for the long term, and it sets you up for success in more ways than one.

What Makes Moon Princess Online So Fun?

It’s apparent that the potential winnings are one of the best selling points of the casino game, but its overall design and gameplay are equally important. People love the enticing and fun design of the game, as it offers plenty of incentive to place one bet after another. First, let’s look at how Moon Princess’s paytable works.

Symbol3x Combo4x Combo5x Combo
Star10 coins20 coins200 coins
Rainbow10 coins20 coins200 coins
Heart15 coins30 coins300 coins
Bell15 coins30 coins300 coins
Love Princess30 coins100 coins1,000 coins
Star Princess30 coins100 coins1,000 coins
Storm Princess30 coins100 coins1,000 coins
Moon Wild100 coins300 coins5,000 coins

Overall, the information above is what you’re looking for every time you place a bet. It’s known that the game makes it challenging to win big, but if you stack up small wins and multipliers, you can possibly reach up to 5000x. If you happen to land a wild combination, you’re going to be in for a nice surprise, as it’ll offer winnings that will far outweigh your losses.

Features That Help You Win

Aiming for winning combinations is only one piece of the puzzle when playing Moon Princess online. With the help of free spins and features such as Girl Power and Princess Trinity, you can win additional combinations and multipliers without having to place another bet.

In the best circumstance, you’ll end up on a roll, benefiting from back-to-back wins that’ll give you the opportunity to place higher bets with confidence. It’s obvious that Moon Princess can be pretty addicting, but what’s not to love when you can benefit from 20x multipliers and an array of possible combinations? You can find out yourself by playing Moon Princess online for free.